Sabic Steel Rebar


A615 GR.60

6000mm | 12000mm

Sabic Steel Rebar

Sabic Steel Rebar is an essential building material provided by SABIC to reinforce the foundations of prosperity in Saudi Arabia and the broader region. Recognized for its quality and performance, Sabic’s steel rebars are meticulously manufactured to meet stringent standards and contribute to the stability and strength of diverse structures.


Sabic’s Steel Rebar plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the foundations of prosperity, not just in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but across the entire region. These rebars are produced in accordance with international standards and undergo rigorous quality control procedures to ensure their reliability and strength.


Manufactured to meet ASTM A615, BS 4449, and GCC standards.
Committed to providing reliable and robust reinforcing bars.
Ensures the highest standards of strength and durability.
Low carbon content for enhanced performance.
Yield strength and tensile strength meet or exceed industry requirements.
Offers a balanced tensile-to-yield ratio.
Provides excellent elongation properties


Available in various grades, including ASTM A615, BS 4449:1997, BS 4449:2005, and GCC Standard GS06/ISO 6935-2/2007.
Comes in different nominal diameters to suit diverse construction needs.
Offers precise linear mass and tolerance percentages to meet project specifications.
Supplied in bundles containing a specific number of 12-meter long bars, making it convenient for large-scale construction projects.


Essential for reinforcing concrete structures, ensuring longevity and strength.
Widely used in construction projects, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure developments.
Meets the requirements of various construction codes and standards.