6000mm | 12000mm

IPEAA Steel Beams

Welcome to the realm of IPEAA Steel Beams, where structural efficiency meets impeccable design. Crafted with precision, these beams in sizes ranging from IPE AA 80 to IPE AA 200 are engineered to elevate your construction projects.


IPEAA Steel Beams, in grades S275JR, ensure a robust foundation for your structures. With dimensions tailored to meet diverse needs, these beams are a hallmark of reliability and strength.


  • Material: High-quality steel for enduring strength.
  • Sizes: Explore a spectrum of sizes, from IPE AA 80 to IPE AA 200.
  • Length Options: Available in 6000mm and 12000mm lengths.
  • Grade: S275JR for a perfect balance of strength and versatility.


  • Grade: S275JR, the mark of quality and reliability.
  • Dimensions: Detailed specifications include width, height, and length (e.g., IPE AA 80 – 80 * 46 * 12000mm).
  • Material Quality: Compliant with stringent industry standards.


  • Building Construction
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Residential Developments
  • Structural Frameworks